A job, job-type job

Well, it’s looking pretty much confirmed now that soon I will be giving up my happy-go-lucky, working-from-home, freelancing lifestyle. The work will be pretty much the same as I’ll be going to work full-time for one of my clients. The company just needs to complete divesting themselves from their current parent company and lift the hiring freeze that said parent company has imposed. This will probably happen sometime in April, and I’m expecting that by May I will be gainfully employed.

In the words of David Byrne, there are good points, some bad points/it all works out/but I’m a little freaked out.

Good Points:

    • Even though my freelance work has been very steady, and I have savings, being a full-time employee is probably a lot safer in this economy
    • Good benefits package (medical/dental/401K)
    • I know the ropes already, been working for this client for fricking ever
    • Most annoying parts of the company will be going away when divestment happens
    • Will be able to essentially write my own job description
    • Will have a lot more direct influence on process and vendor relationship decisions
    • Will probably get to go to an annual tradeshow in Amsterdam
    • Already have good relationships with most of my co-workers
    • After 5 years of freelancing, I think I’m ready for more structure
    • Office is very close to MAX, and a very good birding park
    • Will get a lot more reading done on the train every day
    • Will probably be able to continue to work from home periodically
    • No more winters in my cold, dark basement office

Bad Points:

    • Will probably have to take a pay cut, but with the benefits it’ll probably even out
    • Will have to give up my other clients, they are good people and I will miss them
    • Will have to get up to an alarm and haul my butt out to Beaverton most mornings
    • Much longer hours
    • Meetings and lots and lots of conference calls
    • No more 2-week summer vacations at the cabin
    • Will have to buy a whole new wardrobe. No more working my bathrobe and sweatpants
    • Will have to start wearing make-up and getting haircuts again
    • Will probably have to get a Blackberry (maybe that’s not too bad a point)
    • Will probably have to work on a PC part of the time
    • Won’t be able to make soup on weekdays anymore, though the Crock Pot will probably see more use
    • Will have to pack all my errands and garden chores into the weekends
    • Will miss most of the east coast hockey games
    • The kitties will miss me during the day

It all works out. I think the balance between good points and bad points is pretty even, and I can live with sacrifices. I probably wouldn’t be going for this change if the company buy-out wasn’t happening. The parent company is very political and somewhat infuriating to work for. With more independence, I think we can take the brand in a good new direction, and I’m looking forward to being part of that.

I’m a little freaked out. The buy-out is not a done deal. I don’t have anything in writing, and until yesterday I really only had second-hand information that they were actually planning on hiring me. And it’s going to be a pretty big lifestyle change. But, I think I’m ready for it.