Peer Pressure

Finally succumbed to the peer pressure and put myself on Twitter. I will continue to periodically post my more coherent thoughts here, but I can truly see the advantage of the 140-character post. Sometimes all I want to say is things like “Suck it, San Jose Sharks!” or “Trader Joe’s out of canned tomatoes, AGAIN!” and this isn’t really the place for that.

But I still refuse to involve myself in much of the rest of the social networking world. I did Friendster when it first came out. Then Orkut was cool because it had groups. Then there was MySpace and Facebook, and I just got sick of being asked to join one after another. First of all, I’m not a teenager, and really don’t care what other people think of me, so the majority of the “content” on those sites is pretty much lost on me. Wading through all the garbage from people I don’t know, and probably wouldn’t care to know if I actually met them, is just so tedious (not to mention all the spam). I’ve decided I’ll only partake in social networks that give me something back in return, besides a glittery animated star icon from some benevolent stranger, or a random insult from a troll. If I don’t know who you are, and you don’t have anything interesting to say, I just couldn’t care less.

So anyway, random thoughts on Twitter have their uses, so I finally joined. Follow me on Twitter if you will, but I’ll only follow you back if I know who you are. If you want to be my garden buddy, you can find me over on MyFolia, probably the most practical social network site I’ve found yet. If you want to know what I’m reading, I’ve recently joined GoodReads, which is really more social than I was looking for in a book cataloging tool, but I must admit I’ve enjoyed reading my friends’ reviews a lot. Of course, there’s always Flickr – looking at photos, anyone’s photos, is way more interesting than text; plus there’s no language barrier. If you’re into hockey, you might find me lurking around in the dark corners of CalgaryPuck, but you’ll have to guess my alias (actually, probably not that hard to guess).

And Sesame and Quanta would love to be Catster friends. Well, Sesame more than Quanta. All Quanta wants to do anymore is sleep and complain about her sciatica. But Sesame will take all the virtual love he can get. He’s a lousy typer, though, so all he can respond with is “bbdmdh;fdklad.”